Saturday, January 12th @ 12PM GMT (UK)

Attention: Mentors, Trainers and Consultants Who Want to Create 6-Figure Online Courses & Memberships in the Next 60 Days!

Even If You Are Starting From Scratch Or Only Have An Hour A Day, This Will Work For You!

⚠ KINDLY NOTE: This event is only for mentors, trainers, consultants or course creators who want to sell their own online courses and memberships to high ticket clients.

If you are involved in e-commerce, affliate marketing, a marketing agency, non-profit or network marketing, this session is not suitable for you, do not register. Please close this page

The Right Way To Create A 6-Figure Worthy, High-Profit Digital Course or Online Membership!

Don't Worry If You Don't Know About Online Tech or Marketing, Or If Not Many People Know You Yet!

Creating and selling online courses and membership programs is the fast track to earning 6-figures in 2024.

But let's face it, making it profitable can be tricky!

There's a maze of steps, and it's easy to be overwhelmed and lose your way.

That's why many mentors, trainers and consultants start but never reach the finish line!

That's exactly why I'm doing this training!

Hi, I'm Mark Ellis. For 19 years, I've been driving six-figure revenues through online promotion and lead generation for major training and service organizations. Now, I'm focusing on helping people like you create your own successful digital course and online membership programs from the ground up!

I'm inviting you to join me on ?Saturday, January 13th at 12PM Eastern/ 11AM Central?. Let's set the stage for your success!

This isn't just about crafting a money-making course; it's about creating a legacy – programs that your clients will benefit from and rave about for years to come!

All you need is your phone - and a laptop - and you can make 6 figures with your own digital course and membership program!

Making an incredible online class means that you can earn scalable profits - and get rave reviews from your students in the process!

In the last year, using the strategies I'll share with you, I've seen others have incredible success. Now, it's your turn!

Let me introduce myself again: I'm Mark Ellis, a seasoned pro in digital course marketing and sales, here to guide you through every step of creating and selling your own online trainings.

Get ready for a transformative FREE training session where I pull back the curtain on everything that's working right now - showing you the most straightforward, effective path to start!

You don't need two decades to master this – I'm here to fast-track your journey, saving you years of trial and error and a whole lot of headaches.

You won't find a clearer, step-by-step blueprint anywhere else. That is my promise!

Enjoying a trip to Amsterdam, where I taught digital marketing strategies to business owners

If you're serious about creating a 6-figure income with a digital course or online membership, this is your moment!


  • Worried about how to create a successful online program?
  • Overwhelmed with conflicting ideas?
  • Uncertain how to begin?
  • Frustrated with your lack of progress?
  • Concerned about how to package your online program?
  • Thinking about giving up because it's too confusing!
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  • Happy and clear about your program focus!
  • Prepared to make an engaging course for your clients!
  • Excited that you now have a clear strategy!
  • Enthusiastic about the impact and income you will achieve!
  • Armed with a new plan to grow and succeed!

In this class, I'll take you through the best ways to create your online program so it that truly stands out!

I made this to help you succeed!

You'll harness the insights - and the wisdom of experience - from this session to set up a booming, lucrative online course venture!

I'm here to guide you every step of the way!


  • Learn to craft your online course or membership program, even if tech isn't your strong suit.
  • Decide on the right structure and pricing of your programs.
  • Discover the simplest ways to find your most profitable niche.
  • Learn how to make recurring sales with paid ads.
  • Master storytelling techniques to keep your audience engaged.
  • Find out how to price your programs to attract profitable, loyal clients.

...and learn much more to help you create the online course or membership business you will be proud of!


Once you register, you’ll gain access to a PRIVATE Facebook group packed with pre-training sessions to maximize your learning before [Saturday]!

The Saturday session + the pre-trainings are your winning system for success.

I’m going to be mentoring you this weekend, totally free, on how to take that new online course, membership program or group of yours to 6 figures.


✅ You will act when given a clear plan.

✅ You are eager to elevate your life by building a business with integrity.

✅ You have a clear vision or seek guidance to define your vision.

✅ You are an eager learner open to acquiring new skills outside your comfort zone.

✅ You aspire to be a 6-figure business owner with courses and membership programs.


❌ Those closed off to new ideas and strategies.

❌ Anyone expecting effortless, free success.

❌ Individuals not ready to implement their knowledge.

❌ Those looking for a quick fix without hard work.

❌ Complainers and skeptics unwilling to embrace change and effort.




Pre-Training Videos: insightful training series to amplify your mentoring or membership business before the live event!

Private community of ambitious peers: for networking, collaboration and answering your questions!

VIP Q&A Personalised Mentoring Session - Available as an Upgrade: For just $7, get exclusive VIP access to me in a live Questions & Answers session after the training, to receive personalized mentoring with me.

Register Now For This FREE Strategy Session!

When is it: Saturday, January 13th, 2024

What time: 12:00PM GMT

How long is the strategy session: 1 Hour

Presenter: Mark Ellis

What is the cost: $397, but FREE for a limited time.

Where is it: Online on video, over the internet!

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